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Music by Nicolas Exposito


The concept of You Don't Live Until You Die Tomorrow is the idea that you cannot fully live your life before acknowledging and accepting the fact that you can die at any moment and that you have absolutely no control over your death either. It's the only thing that humans can't predict or control.
We are all facing the same fate, you, me, you can be the President of the United States or a neighbor you will end your life the same way that I will. Six Feet Under. No one is better or stronger in front of Death. No one can avoid it or buy it but it's not something to fear, it's something that needs to be accepted. There's nothing dark about it, it simply is Nature. Death reminds us of who we really are. Living creatures. We're not above the law of Nature.
Once you get over the fear of disappearing you realize that you can be whoever you want, you can do whatever you want because if we are all facing the same ending than we also have the same capacities. People live fearing death and miss the whole point of life.
I hear so many excuses because people are afraid to leave their comfort zone. Society gave us an idea of security that condemns us to live in a cage. It's an illusion to keep us in order so we all follow the same path and become slaves of rules we didn't even choose.
I believe we were made for more than that.
If I'd tell you today is your last day what would you do? A lot of things right? Then why wait to be so close to death to live ? What will matter on your deathbed is not what you own but who you are.
People waste so much time caring about concepts society created and judge each other when we should explore life and our surroundings to find ourselves. Who we really are not what we told us to be.
You don't live until you die tomorrow is a Revolution against what we did to our race.
When you let go of your fears you can live FREE.


from You Don't Live Until You Die Tomorrow, released February 24, 2017



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Voodoo Kills Los Angeles, California

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